The main purpose of MLZ art dep is to raise the viewers’ awareness of topical issues through the interaction with contemporary art. Years of structural changes have determined an intervention on spheres of exploration which are rather different from those considered in the recent past. Today, art, through painting, photography, video and sculpture, deals with a number of key issues relevant to present time. In relation to such issues, the artist’s gesture becomes a privileged exploration tool that is potentially free of compromise. MLZ Art Dep explores the paths traced by contemporary painting, photography, video and sculpture, giving ample space to artists, both emerging and established, whose scope may provide cues for insightful reflection and unconventional information.



MLZ Art Dep is proud to announce the collaboration with the Wiener Art Foundation, an institution supporting the most recent contemporary research in the Austrian capital for years. MLZ Art Dep and Wiener Art Foundation share a common focus on emerging artists and contemporary production. This collaboration, rooted in the bond of cultural affinity and in the shared past uniting Trieste and Vienna, aims to create a reference point for the contact between the artistic circuits of the two countries.


The two realities created a hybrid platform for the presentation and fruition of art, in an at-floor-apartament in the very city center of Trieste. The space will host both a joint programming between the two realities, and exhibition projects, talks and events by MLZ Art Dep and Wiener Art Foundation. Furthermore, in 2022, it will become the basis of an artistic residency program curated by the Wiener Art Foundation, thus continuing the commitment of MLZ Art Dep in welcoming researches from different countries to Trieste, started with the collaboration with AiR. Trieste.

The venue opened on December 4th, 2021 with the first chapter of the “Promesse du bonheur” series, a series of exhibition creating a dialogue between different generation of artists.
More information on the project website: mlzwaf.art