Valentina Palazzari

Valentina Palazzari

The artistic production of artist Valentina Palazzari, who was born in Terni in 1975, Italy, and is currently based in Rome, encompasses sculpture, painting and video-making.

Her works are rooted in the Italian and European tradition. The choice of materials and their arrangement in space is key, alongside with the options and possibilities this entails. Palazzari never-ending, radical and attentive research starts from the use of electrically welded netting in which materials, alternating with the lack of them, establish a mutual relationship within the perimeter of the electrically welded netting.

The order in space becomes an endless creative possibility to compose formal constructs that become the matrix to impress signs like rips on cotton and linen canvas and plastic bags, marble, steel, using the formation of rust deposits. The corrosive action generates a phenomenon of spontaneous progression that turns the material into a sign.

Selected public projects: Pirouette (2017) Sala Santa Rita, Roma, in collaboration with Volume! and  MLZ Art Dep curated by Davide Sarchioni, In senso anti orario (2017), work for MADE IN FORTE. Percorsi d'Arte e di Luce, Piazza Dante, Forte dei Marmi; permanent installation for Terravecchia 2016; L'Uomo, il Suono, la Natura (2016), Frasso Telesino-BN; Il Muro dei Muri (2015) ambiental work for the TodiFestival, Piazza del Popolo a Todi-PG.

Among the most recent exhibitions: A, solo exhibition at MLZ Art Dep, Trieste (2016); group show L'Uomo, il Suono, la Natura, Anywhere Art Company, Napoli (2016); I materiali della pittura, Il Frantoio, Capalbio-GR (2016).



Valentina Palazzari, Untitled  2017, mixed media on plastic, cm 137 x 102
Valentina Palazzari - Pirouette, Sala Santa Rita, Roma, marzo 2017
Valentina Palazzari - Pirouette, Sala Santa Rita, Roma, marzo 2017
Valentina Palazzari, A, MLZ Art Dep, giugno 2016 - foto di Claudio Abate
Valentina Palazzari, Untitled, 2016, rust on plastic, 120 x 80 cm
Valentina Palazzari, Untitled, 2016, rust on canvas, 200 x 360cm
Valentina Palazzari, Made in Forte, Forte dei Marmi - Lucca, 2017