GINO BLANC - Escape from Space | Random Interactions between paintings, palm trees, airplanes and waiting rooms.

GINO BLANC - Escape from Space | Random Interactions between paintings, palm trees, airplanes and waiting rooms.

Sat, 23/01/2016 to Sat, 12/03/2016


Saturday January 23, MLZ Art Dep opens Gino Blanc’s solo show Escape from space, Random Interactions between paintings, palm trees, airplanes and waiting rooms, a snapshot of the most recent production by the Venetian artist.

At the peak of his artistic career, Blanc is considered a sophisticated visual thinker, endowed with an extraordinary sensitivity for painting’s evocative qualities and for experimenting with new materials.

The works of Gino Blanc have always explored various visual imageries, drawing inspiration both from the personal sphere and from casual images. And it is precisely with those images that the artist plays, showing the irony and confidence of an insightful observer of daily life, shaping them and putting them at the service of his research. Blanc employs an intuitive working method that is not pre-established, making his representations evolve in a natural and surprising manner, employing various techniques, from painting to print to the use of textiles.

Although some themes do recur in his paintings, the artist’s intention is to include his own visual imagery, at the same time drawing liberally on a number of codified stylistic canons. Gino Blanc is a contemporary artist according to the definition given by Giorgio Agamben: “Contemporary is not him who tries to coincide with and adjust to his time, but someone who adheres to it through non-alignment and anachronism; not him who sees the lights of his own time, but someone who is capable of perceiving its obscurity." (Che cos'รจ il contemporaneo?, Giorgio Agamben, 2008, Edizioni Nottetempo)

What have paintings, palm trees, airplanes and waiting rooms in common? They are all part of our daily existence associated to travel, to remote but also close destinations; they most likely comply with the concept, already widely explored for that matter, of the non-place. The contemporary man has become used to the transitory quality and the cold, false sense of security of environments that look all the same and are always recognizable. Blanc aims to turn such environments into lively places with a story to tell.

The palm tree, playing with the religious/agnostic symbolism, is an instrument to look at our life: an organism relegated to the role of predictable exotic embellishment which nevertheless incorporates extraordinary meanings. For Jung it was the symbol of the human soul, considered sacred, and since ancient times it represents the concepts of victory and rise. The artist is able to insert himself in this complex interaction of elements, forcing the viewer into an obligatory choice of meaning.

Through his paintings Gino Blanc exorcizes his (and not only his) fear of traveling, of the risk of leaving our daily life behind, of long flights to escape reality, taking the viewer to a luminous atmosphere of unreal quietness that implies, on the contrary, obscurity and looming danger: a space to meditate on what we are viewing, while we are at the same time obliged to envisage what will occur next. Not all is evident in Blanc’s paintings, only those who go past the initial judgment will achieve full comprehension of his work. Escape from space is, therefore, the metaphor of an intimate journey with the artist.

MLZ Gallery of Trieste will display for the first time all the recent work by the Venetian artist, including the aeronautic-themed paintings, the core of the exhibition, besides a number of very recent “extroflexed” canvasses, of particular interest as they mark the beginning of a new experimentation phase on the part of the artist.


Gino Blanc - from the serie Escape from space - view of the installation
Gino Blanc, Untitled, 2016, mixed media on wood, 55 x 44cm each
Gino Blanc - Escape from space - view of the show
Gino Blanc - Escape from space - view of the show
Gino Blanc, Crash - Escape from space, variable sizes
Gino Blanc, Cross, 2016, mixed media on wood, 60x60cm