Promesse du bonheur #1 | Heimo Zobernig, Luisa Hübner, Veronika Suschnig

Promesse du bonheur #1 | Heimo Zobernig, Luisa Hübner, Veronika Suschnig

Sat, 04/12/2021


MLZ Art Dep is proud to announce the collaboration with the Wiener Art Foundation, an institution supporting the most recent contemporary research in the Austrian capital for years.


MLZ Art Dep and Wiener Art Foundation share a common focus on emerging artists and contemporary production. This collaboration, rooted in the bond of cultural affinity and in the shared past uniting Trieste and Vienna, aims to create a reference point for the contact between the artistic circuits of the two countries.


The two realities will share a space in at-floor-apartament reflecting the common cultural tradition in via Roma 15- in the very city center of Trieste - to create a hybrid platform for the presentation and fruition of art. The venue will merge gallery, institutional space, and artistic residency program, to become a place of meeting and cultural exchange.


The space will host both a joint programming between the two realities, and exhibition projects, talks and events by MLZ Art Dep and Wiener Art Foundation. Furthermore, in 2022, it will become the basis of an artistic residency program curated by the Wiener Art Foundation, thus continuing the commitment of MLZ Art Dep in welcoming researches from different countries to Trieste, started with the collaboration with AiR. Trieste.


The venue will open on Saturday 4 December 2021 with the first of a series of exhibitions confronting emerging artists and the masters with whom they trained or to whom they refer. The first project engages the post-conceptual artist Heimo Zobernig (1958, AT) and the artists Luisa Hübner (1988, DE) and Veronika Suschnig (1989, AT), who will create an environmental installation for the occasion.





Heimo Zobernig (1958, Austria)

The work of Heimo Zobernig (b. 1958, Mauthen, Austria) spans an array of media, from architectural intervention and installation, through performance, film and video, to sculpture and painting. His practice across all these forms is connected by an interrogation of the formal language of modernism, at its most familiar in the tropes of the monochrome and the grid, yet also concerned with Constructivism, colour theory and geometric abstraction. 
Zobernig was part of Documenta IX (1992) and Documenta X (1997), and represented Austria at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015). He also exhibited in important solo and group exhibitions including those at the Center Pompidou (2019) and at The Whitechapel Gallery (2015)


Veronika Suschnig (1989, Austria)

Veronika Suschnig conceptually combines painting, sculpture and installations of materials from industrial production for health and body care to investigate human nature, its physicality, and the cultural processes and political issues they generate. Suschnig studied Fine Arts, Painting & Sculpture with Daniel Richter and Heimo Zobernig, as well as Architecture with Alessandra Cianchetta and Antje Lehn at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her work was awarded the Bank Austria Art Award 2018 and has been acquired by pubblic collections like Art collection Kärntner Sparkasse and Wien Museum, Vienna.



Luisa Hübner (1988, Deutschland)

Luisa Hübner uses photography and moving images to conduct an ironic and playful analysis of the politics of corporeality, often using her own body as the object of her research. Hübner studied at the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography and the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. She exhibited in various international events, including Parallel Vienna art fair (2020) and Belfast Photo Festival (2021), and her work has been published in magazines such as dienacht # 19 and PhotoKlassik. In 2021 was awarded by the Hoepfner Foundation.

Heimo Zobernig,  MLZ Art Dep Wiener Art Foundation
Heimo Zobernig, Luisa Huebner, Veronika Suschnig MLZ Art Dep Wiener Art Foundation
Veronika Suschnig Luisa Hubner MLZ Art Dep Wiener Art Foundation
Luisa HubnerVeronika Suschnig  MLZ Art Dep Wiener Art Foundation